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MY Clean Beach is a programme initiated to clean up the Malaysian beaches. This project is a continuous effort to clean up the beaches, as plastics been the main killer of marine life and it can readily break down into smaller particles by the exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Are you aware of a consistent mechanical abrasion from wave action can cause larger particles to break down easily? This allows the incorporation into sediments and ingestion by organisms that will be consumed by humans at the end.

Do Something About It

We from My Clean Beach would like to enhance the quality of life through programs and partnerships that encourage visitors to reduce litter and waste, increase recycling, beautify, maintain, and sustain public spaces. We’re a growing community of ‘Earth Lovers’ teaming with passion for protecting and preserving the health of our beaches and coastal environment. Together we’re a powerful force for a positive change, building and delivering a model for sustainable environmental stewardship and kinship among all ages through education, community building, and citizen action in Malaysia.

Key Focus Area

  • Protect and enhance natural and cultural resources
  • Create meaningful connections and relevancy to people
  • Have a shift of mindset and behavior pattern of people
  • Environmental Education and Stewardship
  • Community Greening and Beautification
  • Recycling and Waste Reduction
  • Awareness alone is not sufficient, you need to be a volunteer to show others why the shift is required


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What can you do to keep the beach clean

How can you keep our beaches clean?

Along with all the other things that you bring with you to the beach – mat, food, towel, bring along something to collect or to keep the trash in. This way you know your trash is collected and kept at one place and not scattered around. If you are going for a picnic, go to locations where picnic benches and trash bins are available.

Let’s admit some people forget to collect their trash or the wind may have blown them away. Go prepared there would be trash at the beach. If someone drops it, pick up the trash and don’t expect them to thank you. After picking the trash, you may kindly and gently remind others to collect the trash before they leave. Offer them a trash bag and tell them please help to keep the beach clean. You have just done your part and ask them if they could do the same. Kindness and empathy always stand tall and leaves a warm print in others. I would wish for someone to do the same if I forgot about the trash that I may have left behind.

How to collect and dispose of the trash?

Most of the stores sell trash grabbers or you can wear gloves to pick up the waste. Most of the beaches have places to dispose of the trash. Our challenge here in Malaysia is the trash bins are always full and spilling over or the animals may have scattered the trash bin. There is always a big trash bin provided by the municipal to drop off the trash. The re-cycle items can be dropped off at a recycling center and you can earn a few Ringgits. Hey, you don’t earn much but I am quite sure you can enjoy a “Teh Tarik and Nasi Lemak bungkus” with it. The simple pleasures of life!

Earth does not need us, we need earth more to evolve and survive. We are the saviours and protectors of our Earth. Let’s continuously educate our families, friends, and strangers on the importance of having a clean beach and clean earth. Collecting trash is not the hardest thing to do, it’s as easy as just simply picking it up!

Geeva Samynathan

Geeva Samynathan
Founder and Project Director of MY Clean Beach