When you think beach,

you think views as far as the eye can see


wet sand between your toes and that calmness you get just being there. Did you know that spending time by the ocean is actually good for you? Studies prove that a beach environment can have an impact on our brains and mental health. In fact, those who live by the coast are better both physically and mentally than those who don’t.

But it is hard to enjoy beaches and the tranquility it brings because of all the trash on the beach either being thrown by visitors or being brought in by the waves. That’s a problem, isn’t it?

There are mainly 2 causes for all this trash and plastic on beaches. They come from the sea/ocean and is washed up to shore by the tides or it is from littering on the beach by people, like you and me, who visit these shores.

Now, that trash also gets broken down by the waves and sand and these smaller particles gets brought back into the water where it poses a danger to marine life and ultimately yours when you consume seafood. That is an even bigger problem, don’t you think?


A couple who loves beaches started picking up trash every time they visited. It then grew to a weekend activity with friends and now into an organisation recognised internationally.
My Clean Beach has to date organised 15 beach clean-ups either on their own, by invitation, collaboration with schools and universities, or with sponsors. These clean-ups have several goals, aside from cleaning the beach and making it safer for everyone:

1. Creating awareness to reduce the usage of single use plastic, littering and waste
2. To promote recycling
3. To change the mindset of those who participate
4. To preserve the coastal health and environment
5. Creating a community of like-minded people

Through its beach clean-up activities, My Clean Beach has removed almost 5,000 kilograms of trash. Most of the trash collected consist of plastic (mostly single use items like food wrappers, bags, straws, cups, bottles, etc), cans, the occasional lingerie and cigarette butts. There are locations where discarded needles are found making beaches unsafe for visitors. The trash is collected, separated, and disposed of properly. My Clean Beach also collaborates with local councils and recycling companies to create a more sustainable environment.

We would like to share some tips on how to have a more enjoyable beach clean-up experience.

What to wear and bring

The weather can be unpredictable at times. So always be prepared. Bring a hat, apply sun block, a pair of sunglasses so you will look cool while picking up trash, a water bottle (preferably not a single-use one) and it is always great to have a raincoat handy, you know, in case it rains.

As always, wear comfortable clothes and bring a change, a pair of gloves, a good pair of shoes or sandals, and snacks to share.

What about beach

cleaning tools?

Items provided at an event depends on who organises the beach clean-up. At My Clean Beach, we try to equip our volunteers with the tools needed so everyone stays safe.

I am sure you are probably asking, “But do beach clean-up really make a difference?

The short answer is YES!

How, you ask?  In many ways.


- It stops pollution at the source which means it educates you. Coming out for a beach clean-up means you care and now you are aware of the impact of littering and using single-use plastic.

- It helps educate others because you will tell family and friends of your experience and they, too, will become aware of the consequences of littering.

- It helps with your wellbeing as well knowing that you had done your part to save the environment and marine life.

- It also is good for the economy. A clean beach attracts tourist who in turn spend at local shops helping those businesses provide jobs.

Did you know

that oil spills are not the biggest problems?


There is more plastic in the seas and oceans than there are fish. And these plastic gets broken down into microplastic which ultimately finds its way into the food chain.

If you would like to volunteer and experience for one of My Clean Beach’s clean-up activities to meet like-minded people, contact us and leave us a message. We would love to hear from you. Or if you are thinking of a corporate learning experience or CSR activity, do reach out to us.

Help us save the environment so our future generation can inherit a world worth living in.

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