Frequently Asked Question

Q: Is there any special training to participate in MY Clean Beach cleanup?
A: No. The cleanups are regular beach cleanups with a special focus on searching for marine debris / trash that have washed ashore and around the designated cleanup location.

Q: Where are MY Clean Beach cleanups held?
A: Currently most of the beach cleanup happens around west coast of Malaysia. We are doing in other state in Malaysia too. Sometimes we do add extra activity to do River Cleanup. 

Q:When are MY Clean Beach cleanups held?
A: You may find specific dates for MY Clean Beach cleanups here, as well as listed in our monthly calendar. Do follow our social media to get updated information.

Q: Do I need to register to volunteer for MY Clean Beach cleanup?
A: Registration is encouraged. Please complete our Online Volunteer Registration and Waiver Form.

Q: How do I prepare to participate in MY Clean Beach cleanup?
A: Be sure to read through our Cleanup Guidelines. Guidelines which provide specific instructions to get you prepared.

Q: What should I bring?
A: Please bring your own reusable gloves, grab sticks and buckets if you can; the site captain will have some to offer, if necessary. Data collection cards will be distributed by our trained site captain.

Q: What will the marine debris look like?
A: Anything that floats such as Styrofoam, rubber, food packing, plastic, fishing nets and others. It may also include canisters, metal drums and other floating containers. Additionally, there may be wire and metal connected to the floating material and sharp edges. The debris is largely scattered, and it is unlikely that it will arrive in large quantities. 

Q: Can MY Clean Beach organized a beach cleanup activity for our company / organization? 
A: Yes we can. Please email to us with your company details and when and where you would like to have the beach cleanup activity. 

Q: How can I sponsor MY Clean Beach cleanup activities?
A: You can donate to MY Clean Beach Program, or you may contact us for further information about sponsoring these vitally important cleanups.

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