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Testimonial from Participants and Media

We are glad to be a part of MY Clean Beach and proud to say that all of us have stopped using straws, we do encourage others to follow us as well. Thank you for having us, we enjoyed and had fun collecting all the debris at the beach.

Student, Universiti Malaya

We started off with ZERO knowledge about beach cleaning procedures, thus we developed a collaboration with MY Clean Beach for our campaign called Peachy Clean. Their dedication to willingly share their knowledge and expertise truly amazed us – and that was a great decision we made for Peachy Clean campaign. Not merely doing beach clean-up activities, the fact that they strive to alter people’s perception about acquiring greener habits brings out their uniqueness.
If you are an eco-lover, sign up as their volunteer to be part of this great mission!

Then Moliy

Student, SEGi University

The Pristine Ocean Podcast

Introduces the many projects going on around the world,
tackling the problem of plastic litter in the ocean and other waterways.

Hosted by Peter Hall

Green Living Chats podcast talks about "My Clean Beach initiative in Malaysia. We talked about why people litter and the power of being part of a solution. Geeva Samynathan has always enjoyed time at the beach, and find those quiet moments to be precious. Having the opportunity to live most of her life not far away from the ocean, she always knew every humankind needs to be responsible. And she personally thought people's littering behaviour was a concern.

Hosted by David Ewusi-Mensah