Our Partners

We collaborate with a variety of different organisations with similar values and goals.


Government Agencies

We require an actionable conviction in matters related to the environment. MY Clean Beach engages with government agencies, to ensure a more solidifying impact in our holistic mission of waste prevention.


They are integral in our engagement of partnerships, in the sense that they are a melting pot for knowledge, governance strategies, and financial inclusion.

Organisations & Corporations

We reach a wider audience with people from various industries. We hope the working class can carry these values in society at the workplace and at home.

Public Figures & Advocates

We encourage and engage the support of public figures & advocates in creating centre-stage awareness on issues related to our cause on social platforms or media.


Civil Society Organisations

CSOs serve as a bridge to diverse demographics, including various socioeconomic backgrounds.

Acknowledging the diversity in mindsets, we collaborate with a range of CSOs to reach our target audiences effectively.

Some are focused on sustainable solutions for daily impact.



MY Clean Beach is an entity under the organisation of Bumi Biru PLT.

ROS No. 202104001904


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