Report : 16th June 2019, Pantai Batu Laut, SELANGOR

On 16 June 2019, 30 people from a diverse walk of life joined MY Clean Beach together to clean Pantai Batu Laut (Kuala Langat district). Besides that general waste, a high volume of plastics was found. Tons of plastic enter the ocean each year and soon enough it will be enough to cover the coastline of the beach and planet. The more we pick up the plastic bottles, the more we are able to recycle them. The more of the plastics means the less of our ecosystem of the marine lives. Plastic problems in our ocean are everybody’s responsibility.

Is there a possibility you start using less plastic in your daily life? Until then we need people LIKE you to come together to clear the trash and plastics. Be a responsible nation and SAY NO TO PLASTICS! Take initiatives to reduce, reuse and recycle in every aspect of your life.

A big thank you to Kuala Langat Municipal for joining us to clean the beach and supporting our initiatives, Eco World team, people from the various corporate field, father and youths for being part of this initiative.

We like to see all of you AGAIN and thank you for making a BIG difference to our planet.

Total Trash Picked Up / Collected: 404.40kgs Number of Bags: 47 bags



MY Clean Beach is an entity under the organisation of Bumi Biru PLT.

ROS No. 202104001904


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