The Blue Bag born out of the collaboration with Beebag is crafted from a durable polypropylene woven material and fortified with an impenetrable waterproof outer lamination layer to ensure your belongings remain pristine even amidst the wildest adventures. MYCB's Blue Bag is not only a statement piece that every eco-hero must have, but its superb durability ensures that it can handle anything you throw at it.

Back story
Amidst having plastic regulations to curb single-use plastic pollution for years, Malaysia is still discarding more than 10 billion plastic bags every year, making Malaysia one of the top contributors to plastic pollution in the whole of Asia. And this is because most shoppers forgot or don't think about using reusables when they shop as there's little incentive to do so. To solve this, Beebag created NFC chips & QR codes to transform ordinary reusables into smart reusables that rewards shoppers for each reuse to help them instil sustainable shopping habits.

Beebag is a free rewards app that gives you cash back for everyday purchases. Whether you’re buying groceries, clothing, electronics, or food and beverages, Beebag rewards you for your purchases. And with plastic pollution becoming a rising environmental issue, Beebag is also on a mission to help shoppers instil sustainable shopping habits by rewarding them for doing the right thing.