As the saying goes,

“When you plant a tree, you celebrate the earth by increasing its leafy canopy”.

On 15th December 2021

It was a fun and adventurous event with a River cruise at Sungai Sepang Besar. Passing by “rumah rakit” and enjoying the beauty of the mangrove tree, flora, and fauna of the natural habitat along the river before we started to plant mangrove trees and quick beach clean-up at Pasir Putih Beach, Sepang.


was graced by our Human Resource Minister YB Datuk Seri Saravanan, Mr. Maniam Arumugam (TKSU, Dasar dan Antarabangsa), SOCSO Chief Executive Datuk Seri Mohammed Azman together with 77 employees of PERKESO.

On 18th December 2021 - Despite the harsh weather and traffic, the team managed to pull thru the activity with the support of 70 volunteers from PERKESO, MAHSA College Students, and My Clean Beach support members. We collected close to ½ tons of trash with 1.5 hours of total clean-up time.

The key message is not about how much trash we collected, it is about what are you doing to make a difference in your daily life.

When we started the brand MY Clean Beach three years ago, little did we know that we will be part of a bigger event. Glad this is inspiring many more people to be part of a greener initiative.

We are happy to be part of PERTUBUHAN KESELAMATAN SOSIAL (PERKESO) celebration, 50 years of protecting workers in Malaysia.

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