The Waste Management Programme


Hi, I'm WIRA!

I am part of MY Clean Beach team. I am here to create awareness related to waste management, especially materials such as plastic!

When I see others not disposing of their waste accordingly, I'll pull out my trusty magic wand ( recycled straw) to point them in the right direction.

Most items can be repurposed or recycled.


I get upset when my home and playground get filled with waste.

The History

Once upon a time, there was a prosperous underwater village in the ocean on the East Coast of Malaysia where many turtles and their families lived happily.

However, that happiness was soon taken away again. The malice of human-created waste started settling in their village. Many turtle families lost their loved ones who thought the plastic was food or because they were swimming and it got in the way.


This was what happened to WIRA Plastik’s family. WIRA's family was choked, entangled, and trapped in the mess of plastic waste. There was nothing WIRA could do to save them.

Having lost its whole world, WIRA decided not to allow any more tragic human trash-related deaths of its fellow turtle friends and also other animals in the ocean. WIRA decided to make conquering plastic pollution its sole mission. It educates and shows people how to manage waste, reduce the use of plastics and upcycle their waste.

WIRA wears a superhero outfit and gear made entirely out of repurposed plastics - a cape, bag, and weapon.


Allow me to introduce you to our WIRA Plastik waste management programme!

We use a 7R Methodology (Recognise - Reconsider - Realise - Reduce - Reuse - Recycle - Record) with 7 weeks of experience, and the result is to influence behaviour and habit shift on waste management.

Our focus is to educate people and cultivate recycling habits for individuals and corporations. Our experience tells us, practice is the only way to make habits change, education is not enough!

Would you or your organisation like to be part of the WIRA PLASTIK program?

We provide impact reports for organisations that continue this effort on a long-term basis. Reach out to us to find out more! ❤️



MY Clean Beach is an entity under the organisation of Bumi Biru PLT.

ROS No. 202104001904


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