REPORT : 21st JULY 2019, Pantai Batu Laut, Selangor

How Did We Collect 1 Ton Of Trash At Pantai Batu Laut!

Pantai Batu Laut is a quiet location which is well-known for its yachting training centre for students. MYCB collected 1 ton of trash from Pantai Batu Laut. (16 June 2019 – 404.40kgs and 21 July 2019 – 622 kgs)

Around 56 volunteers picked up over 622kgs of garbage from one beach on just one day, highlighting the continued issue of trash collecting around our coastline. Much of the garbage at Pantai Batu Laut is washed here from elsewhere. Alongside the multiple pieces of single-use plastics were foam, fishing net, glass bottles, tins, straws and even large pieces of fabric/clothes which had clearly been dumped here and had not washed up.

The army of volunteers this time around are from Standard Chartered Bank, people from various corporate organizations, father, mother, children’s and from Kuala Langat Municipal.

We continuously encourage beach clean activity for people for all age to join us and make this as part of their monthly activity. This will slowly help people to cultivate the habit of using less plastic at their home. We educate people to use less one single plastic daily! We like to see all of you AGAIN and thank you for making a BIG difference to our planet.



MY Clean Beach is an entity under the organisation of Bumi Biru PLT.

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