Our recent beach clean at Pantai Remis, Jeram (Kuala Selangor) – it is a big shout out with the largest number of volunteers and trash collected. 124 volunteers came for the beach clean event and together we collected 1,132 kg’s of trash at a stretch of 2km. The volunteers include people from Malaysian Ford Ranger Club (MFRC) who came with 15 Ford Rangers; volunteers from Bedford Language School and many other volunteers from various organizations and walk of life. A special thank you to Kuala Selangor Municipal for their support.

At this beach we found 1,220 pieces of cigarette butt and 2,663 of straws. This is a recreational beach and commonly visited by people.

Beach cleaning is becoming a community event that people enjoy and their contribution although small does leave a presence and numerous benefits to those involved and to the environment. This is a positive sign with the number of people becoming more sensitive towards the environment.

The study – published in Environment and Behaviour – examined the well-being and educational value of beach cleans, and their impacts on individuals' behavioural intentions, and how that compared to other coastal activities such as rock pooling, or walking. All three coastal activities were associated with positive mood and pro-environmental intentions, with beach cleaning and rock pooling particularly linked to higher marine awareness.

We at MY Clean Beach encourage families and friends to come together for beach cleaning activities, as learning and application becomes easier when you do it together. Together you can plan what more you can do for your home, work and environment.